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Who are we?

We are a Swedish based company offering personalised dummies though our websites: (UK/international) (Sweden) (Finland) (Norway) (Denmark) (Germany)

Engraving your child's name on the dummy makes it easily identifiable, reducing the chances of loosing it as well as lowering the risk of your child being exposed to infections. Our high quality engraving does not disappear through abration or repeated boiling.

Our goal is to sell affordable products of high quality. We aim to give our customers a fast and effective service through the internet.


General information about the company:
Company's legal name: S-Baby
Company No.: 640522-2685
Date of incorporation: 2009
Webshop's name:

Barken Storegrunds gata 3
41760 Göteborg

Official e-mail address:

Produced by: Wikinggruppen